Dover’s equity portfolios invest in high quality, large and often well known companies. Utilizing one Dover’s three Equity Disciplines and additional fundamental analysis (i.e., economic market, industry and company), we find companies who are excelling in their respective businesses.

93% Stocks, 7% Cash

Numerous studies have shown asset allocation, the proportion of different types of investments, is a primary determinant of your success in the market. Dover adjusts the amount of stocks versus cash (up to a maximum of 30%) in response to changing market conditions.

Managing the level of risk is a basic goal of any professional investor. One way Dover reduces your level of risk in the market is through diversification of industry groups your portfolio invests in. This helps minimize the risk of “putting all your eggs in one basket.”

Asset Allocation

The chart above is a sample and is not necessarily an indication of Dover’s current diversification.

Dover generally holds 20-30 different stocks within equity and balanced accounts for diversification purposes of reducing non-systematic risk in client portfolios.

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